3D printing has become more popular with architects over the last few years. Architects use 3D printing to reasearch shapes and to make scaled models for presentation to customers.

Modelling on a 3D Printer. Once you have completed your design and you now want to present it to the customer, a 3D model of your design will give a clearer picture to your client. The models we print for you will get you through a review. They will help you to communicate you designs more clearly both internally and to the client, or help you sell your design. Gone are the days when you had to make your models by hand.


Greater efficiency in design process. Our models are stronger than traditional models and will not weaken over time. All you have to do is render your design in a file type that we can use to print, for instance .stl files and send them to us using email. Your completed model will be ready in a few hours.