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06 May

CubePro Duo 3D Printing Machine

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For those who continue to doubt me about my intentions. Or simply think that I talk too much about things that I do not have and do not do. I have chosen to take the opportunity to give you insight into what exactly I have been trying to do and am doing.

In this blog I will show you some images of the 3D Printer that we are currently using. Its a little more sophisticated than the one shown sometime ago on techzim by 3D guys. We have decided to make the printing service available to the people who need it in Zimbabwe and we have to show you what we are all about.

The printer we currently use is called CubePro Duo, capable of printing in two colors at a time. The dimensions of the largest printed object is a cube of about 20cm length per side.

Below you can see Tafi in action with the CubePro Duo right behind him.

Cube Pro Duo 2

The image below shows a raspberry pi single board computer in a case created using the 3D machine.

The assembly shown consists of a Raspberry Pi device inside a CubePro made case as downloaded from The screen is a raspberry pi specific screen allowing user to control computer through a touch screen. There is also a camera module attached to the device shown.                                        

Raspberry PI


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